When you upload an image to our system you will need to have correct format.

Bitmapped Images

If you’re in Photoshop, choose the following menus to convert your image:

1) Image/Mode/Grayscale
2) Image/Mode/Bitmap…
3) On the window that pops up, specify either one of the dither patterns,
“Halftone Screen…” or choose “50% Threshold.”

This will convert the file to 1 bit color and allow upload to our system.

Illustrator or Vector Art File

To convert a process color in an EPS to a SPOT color, a swatch first needs to be created for the SPOT color. To do this:

1) Create a new SPOT color swatch:
a) Make sure the Swatches palette is displayed by choosing “Show Swatches” from the window menu.
b) Choose “New Swatch…” from the > menu on the Swatches palette.
c) Choose a name for your new SPOT color; for “Color Type”, choose “Spot Color”.
d) Adjust the slider bars to create the desired color, then choose “OK”.

2) Apply the new SPOT color swatch to the fills and/or strokes of the objects in your layout, depending on how your artwork was created. For instance, lets say you have an object, like a beach ball, that has both white and “process blue” stripes. Just select a blue section of the ball, then click and drag the newly created swatch on top of the “fill” box on the tool bar (it’s the solid box near the bottom of the tool bar). If you need to change the stroke color of an object, just drag the swatch on top of the “hollow” box near the bottom of the toolbar.

Make sure this is done for ALL colors in the document, including Black. This means you’ll need to create a SPOT black swatch as well, if you have black in your document.

*Please Note: If you are attempting to upload an EPS that was created in Adobe Illustrator CS4, you will need to re-save it as an Adobe Illustrator 8 EPS.

Image Conversion

We can in many instances convert your .jpg and .bmp to a vector .EPS file for use on our system.  See Graphic Design Service for more info.